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Trust the Professionals

While You Are Away!

Atlanta's Choice for personalized and professional home sitting and facility services while you are away.

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About Us

Alnyse Services LLC provides professional, personalized house sitting and facility services to the North Georgia area.  These services not only include inspecting your home like it is our own, but also, arranging for any needed maintenance and repairs.   Our reliable team is able to provide weekly home inspections and coordinate any type of maintenance or repair while you are in residence or away. Our goal is to provide homeowners peace of mind so that they can return home to a clean, well maintained, and trouble-free residence just as you left it or better than you left it!


Service Inspections



(Minimum 2 Weeks)


(Minimum 2 Months)

Price is based on sq.ft. of the home. Additional services may be added, just ask!
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